The Port of Big Creek has established itself as a top-tier port in Belize, meeting and exceeding international security standards with its ISPS certification. Boasting a 11-meter deep entrance channel and 4,205 meters of fully buoyed and lighted channel, as well as 515 meters of berth space, the port provides ample facilities for cargo handling. The Big Creek Group, employing over 250 individuals, drives economic growth and development in Southern Belize. With a current footprint of 100 acres and ample room for expansion, the Port is committed to maximizing cost-saving opportunities through its strategic geographic location and providing a world-class import and export alternative.
The Port envisions becoming a prominent, sustainable, and innovative hub in the region, continuously improving the national economy and enhancing the living and environmental conditions in Belize. As the quote by Mike Averbuj suggests, making a decision is more important than endlessly searching for the perfect one, and the Port of Big Creek is poised to seize the opportunity for growth and success.