Delivering Growth to Belize

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Established in 1990, the Port of Big Creek began as a small operation primarily focused on banana exports via barge to Honduras for further transshipment to the United Kingdom. Today, the Port has grown to include 4,205 meters of fully buoyed channel entrance and turning basin, expertly dredged to a depth of 11 meters, as well as 618 meters of berth space.


Situated in the picturesque southern region of Belize, the Port of Big Creek is a premier destination for tailored services, supported by a dedicated team of local professionals. Boasting three berths alongside the mainland, the Port is equipped with adequate facilities and equipment, and is proud to hold the coveted ISPS certification for security.


At the Port of Big Creek, we are dedicated to offering a highly capable bulk and container terminal, empowered by innovative software solutions that guarantee unmatched efficiency and optimal performance.


Elevate the efficiency and security of your cargo operations with our trusted port facility. Equipped with essential infrastructure such as docks, cranes, storage facilities, communication systems, and navigation systems, we provide a secure and highly efficient platform for seamless loading and unloading of ships.


As a Key Player in Belize’s maritime industry, the Port of Big Creek is committed to driving the country’s growth by offering adaptive solutions. By staying ahead of industry demands, we play a vital role in Belize’s economy, propelling progress and development.

Port of Big Creek

delivering growth to Belize

The Port of Big Creek has established itself as a leading port in Belize, serving as a vital component in the country’s logistics infrastructure. Offering robust and comprehensive cargo handling services, the port has proven to be a cornerstone in supporting the growth and efficiency of Belize’s shipping and trade operations.

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Our Services

Port of Big Creek offers you a safe and secure place to store your cargo. Our port storage facility offers…
Our fleet includes tugs ranging from 3200 hp to 3400 hp tugs and barges of 39 m - 67 m.
Loading, unloading and securing cargo
It is accessible by land, air, and sea. Along with terminal facilities, the Port also leases various industrial and commercial…
Our ship agency team takes responsibility for the ship from the moment it comes into the port, guaranteeing that all…
Storage Services of Dry bulk, Cold Chain, Liquid Bulk, Containers and General Cargo.


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