Port Regulations

General port regulation

All persons entering the port area must comply with the regulations of the port police regulation. Among other things, these rules pertain to:

  • order and safety, and environmental protection
  • public port services and other port services
  • penalties
  1. To access the Port of Big Creek, request must be made to the Port Services and Shipping Department (Port Manager/PFSO).
  2. Request can be made via email, phone call, or visit to main office.
  3. Request must include purpose of visit, digital copy of government-issued photo ID and COVID-19 vaccination card or negative rapid test result (within 2 weeks).
  4. Request must also be made for all persons requiring access to the Port Facility and for vehicles (supported by a copy of a valid driver’s license).
  1. Upon arrival at main gate:
    • Proper attire required (long pants, covered shoulders, and proper footwear)
    • All PPE must be worn throughout the entire visit
    • If proper attire and PPE not worn, access to port will be denied
    1. Main gate entrance procedures:
    • Wash hands properly for 20 seconds before entering building
    • Maintain 6ft social distance
    1. Security Officer at reception desk:
    • Present a valid ID. (Social Security Card or Passport)
    • Pass wrist over digital wall thermometer to take note of body temperature
    • If body temperature exceeds 37.2°C, access to port facility will be denied for COVID-19 prevention.
    • Visitors with approved requests will be provided with a helmet, vest, and a Visitor ID by the port.

Pay attention to emergency alarms, report any emergency immediately to security, and follow instructions from security officers.



In case of emergency:

  • Raise alarm by shouting
  • Use fire extinguisher if in early stage
  • Stop and proceed to designated muster station when evacuation alarm sounds, following instructions from emergency warden or security officer.