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The Port of Big Creek, being an indispensable connection in the global logistics landscape, has become a leading port in Belize, offering a robust and all-inclusive cargo service selection. Every commodity necessitates its own shipping method, or, more accurately, its own mode of transportation.

Raw Sugar

Dry bulk

Port of Big Creek handles a wide variety of dry bulk or unpackaged goods that are transported loose in large quantities in the hold of a ship, or in trucks. We offer extensive and high-end throughput facilities for these goods that include fertilizers, sugar, and citrus pellets. ​

Cold chain goods

Port of Big Creek provides an unbroken cold chain for every product requiring temperature-controlled handling. Perishables goods travel around the world in many ways. In containers or via roll-on roll-off cargoes, in bulk or reefer ships, etc. As such, a wide range of facilities for receiving, handling, and storing these goods are located in the port area.

120 plugs for reefer Container

Port of Big Creek always offers a tailored solution for your product-specific requirements.

Container ship

Dangerous goods

At Port of Big Creek, we have everything at our disposal to safely handle dangerous goods such as oils and gases. With high safety standards and extensive emergency procedures for correctly handling, transporting, and storing dangerous goods, we ensure the safety of port users and local residents.


Have you ever wondered how toys, televisions, clothing, food, and computers find their way into your living room? Containers are a familiar and convenient way to transport these kinds of products. With sufficient lay-down space, a barge-mounted heavy lift crane, and in-house experience and technical expertise, the Port of Big Creek ensures your move is safe and successful.

Container ship

Services List

Port of Big Creek offers you a safe and secure place to store your cargo. Our port storage facility offers…
Our fleet includes tugs ranging from 3200 hp to 3400 hp tugs and barges of 39 m - 67 m.
Loading, unloading and securing cargo
It is accessible by land, air, and sea. Along with terminal facilities, the Port also leases various industrial and commercial…
Our ship agency team takes responsibility for the ship from the moment it comes into the port, guaranteeing that all…
Storage Services of Dry bulk, Cold Chain, Liquid Bulk, Containers and General Cargo.