Dredging Project

In November 2018, the Big Creek Group made a bold and strategic multi-million-dollar investment to complete the dredging of the Port’s entrance channel and turning basin. This initiative was aimed at enabling the berthing of banana vessels that were previously serviced three kilometers away at anchorage, significantly improving the efficiency of the Port’s operations. Despite the prohibitive cost and lack of a feasible financial model, the Directors and Shareholders of the Group recognized the importance of this decision for the country and the future of the Port, and proceeded with the dredging project. This decision serves as a prime example of strategic decision-making and may one day be studied as a case in business and management education.

Additionally, November 2018 marked another historic milestone for the Port of Big Creek, as an agreement was signed with the National Gas Company (Belize) Limited for the storage and importation of liquid petroleum gas through the port facilities. This agreement further strengthens the Port’s position as a versatile and dynamic hub for various industries in Belize.